segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2009

What to do with 250 000 one eurocent coins?

Stefan Sagmeister sure knows.

It lasted for 40 hours before the Police cleaned the whole thing.

That's the real thing about street art, I guess: How it comes and goes so fast.

In the morning somebody showed up with a couple of plastic bags and started putting the coins into his bags. Apparently one of the neighbours saw this and thought this person is “stealing the artwork”, and called the police.
They showed up, talked to the guy with the bags, who had no problem with leaving everything right there. Somehow the police must have thought that is not enough to protect the artwork, and after trying to reach the owner of it, they decided to get into action themselves. They called a city cleaning company and cleaned up the whole square with brooms, and brought all the coins to a “safe” room at the police department.

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