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Who comes up with that?

A “Periodic Table of Typefaces”, displaying the top 100 typefaces of the world with typedesigner’s name, year designed and family and/or class.

(I stole it from here)

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Moleskine and Woodstock

Moleskine celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock Festival with a limited Edition Notebook Collection launched at Barnes & Noble during the month of July 2009. The collection include three large Moleskine Notebooks and one Planner designed to commemorate the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival using the theme of Peace, Love and Music.

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And the winner is...

Water Stopping Water is the winner of the I.D. Design Award 2007 and 2008 winner of the IDEA Design Award.
- Jaime

(via Design Milk and Water Stopping Water)

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People as fleas

I know it is a bit old already, but I still really like it.

Advertised brand: JAKPETZ JAKARTA
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Saatchi & Saatchi Jakarta, Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer: Andy Greenaway
Executive Creative Director: Juhi Kalia
Art Director: Aryanto Salim, Joel Clement

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What to do with 250 000 one eurocent coins?

Stefan Sagmeister sure knows.

It lasted for 40 hours before the Police cleaned the whole thing.

That's the real thing about street art, I guess: How it comes and goes so fast.

In the morning somebody showed up with a couple of plastic bags and started putting the coins into his bags. Apparently one of the neighbours saw this and thought this person is “stealing the artwork”, and called the police.
They showed up, talked to the guy with the bags, who had no problem with leaving everything right there. Somehow the police must have thought that is not enough to protect the artwork, and after trying to reach the owner of it, they decided to get into action themselves. They called a city cleaning company and cleaned up the whole square with brooms, and brought all the coins to a “safe” room at the police department.

I should try doing this, one of these days.

(I found it here)

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- Paris

- London

Matryoshka cell phones?

From the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X to the Apple iPhone.
An idea by Kyle Bean.

Aha, seriously, can you imagine walking around with any of the first six mobile phones? Now, that would be retro.

(I stole it from here)

How lovely.

I am advertising this Spell with Flicker thing, just in case anyone ever needs to write a ransom e-mail.

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United Nations

“Poverty divides the world. Our governments have to put an end to this by 2015. Let’s unite and tie a knot to remind them. Stand Up! Tie your Knot.”

Advertising Agency: Grey, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Emiliani
Head of Art: Francesco Fallisi
Copywriter: Francesca Andriani
Art Director: Letizia Bozzolini
Art Buyer: Virginia Salvucci
3D/postproduction: Mozart studio
Account Supervisor: Emanuela Carnaghi
Published/Released/Aired (Month, Year): October, 2009

The Julian Scarf

(They created it)

I'm loving it


“Love free wi-fi.”

Advertising Agency: DDB, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Matt Eastwood
Creative Group Head: Adam Rose
Art Director: Matt Knapp
Copywriter: John Downing

(I stole it from here)

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Yes, my friends, animal ears are 'in'

Natalia Vodianova for Vogue Russia, June 2009

Maison Michel Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2009 Lookbook

Zippora Seven by for No Magazine NZ

Skye Stracke for Marie Claire
Marie Claire Russia, October 2009

Morgane Dubled for Jalouse, September 2009

Maison Michel Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2009 Lookbook

Louis Vuitton: Autumn (Fall)/Winter - 2009/2010 Women's Collection

Kelsey Van Mook for YEN Magazine #40, Spring 2009

by Moschino Cheap & Chic

Anne Sophie Monrad by Numero Japan, November 2009

Animal ears are in, with bunny ears leading the way.

And, just in case you're wondering, yes, people are supposed to wear them on the streets:

Lisa Whatmough's Squint

The Chairleaders
Vintage Japanese silk, retro prints, sequined satin... Upholstery has never been so funky. Lucy Siegle meets two designers who have got it covered.

- The Observer, 26 March 2006

Squint opened in East London at the beginning of 2005, it was started by Lisa Whatmough a former Sculptor and Painter. Her initial desire was to showcase the antique textiles she had been collecting and found that a fusion of period furniture and fabrics made for unexpected one off pieces.

- Jaime, design-milk.com

You can find Squint here and here:
178 Shoreditch High Street

Personally, it somehow reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

I like it.